website rates

What will a website cost?

The written quote I provide will give an accurate breakdown of what you will be paying. I have two fee scales, for commercial and for not-for-profit organisations. When we’ve established what you need, I will give you a ball-park estimate of final costs. Alternatively, you could give me a maximum budget figure, and I’ll let you know what can be done for that price.

Design and construction

This covers work on:

  • site evaluation and planning
  • graphic design
  • basic Javascript
  • registration of domain names
  • set up of hosting accounts
  • WordPress sites
  • set up of ecommerce site (configuration, entry of catalogue items)

My rates are:

  • Commercial sites $86 per hour
  • Not-for-profit registered organisations $80 per hour

Follow-up maintenance and updates to sites that I have built, are charged at a lower rate.

Domain names

I can register a domain name for you, or advise you how to do it. You’ll pay around $20 per year (not-for-profit domains such as .org are slightly cheaper).

What domain names should you buy? If you are targeting a global market, I’d advise a com or net domain. Otherwise, it’s more useful to identify your site as Australian by having a or or


Website size, traffic and any special requirements affect hosting costs. A basic site with no special functionality, and using your domain name with one email account, is $120 per year. If you need advice, I can recommend various web-hosting companies.

Prices are in Australian dollars.

Contact me by phone or email for a quote.

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