who is kitka?

I have been self-employed building websites since 1998. Yes, that is very early in website-land!

I do graphic design, project management, content editing, image editing, navigation design and site construction and general maintenance.

I studied fine art, then managed arts organisations – galleries, theatre companies and festivals. In 1996, I began working on websites and databases.

Some people wonder why my rates are so competitive. It’s simple – I have low overheads. I work from my home office, and when I need expertise that I can’t provide myself, I call on an excellent network of skilled colleagues who can. I work closely with Alan Reddick from Reddick Design who provides extra design and coding skills.

I haven’t built up a large company because I didn’t want to create inflexible work systems based on mass production, where staff are managed to maximise profits. I prefer the craftsperson approach. I get a kick out of translating your needs into a website that works and looks good without costing a fortune.

My client-base has grown by word of mouth, so clearly I’m providing something that people want. I work closely with my clients, batting ideas back and forth until we have a result we are all happy with. 

I’ve gone carbon neutral

I’m making efforts to reduce the impact on the environment by my home and office. Simple strategies like using energy efficient lighting, switching off electrical equipment not in use, using less paper and materials, and switching to green energy; are quite easy to implement. I have also purchased carbon offset credits to ensure that new trees are planted to help replace the carbon that I produce. I purchased carbon credits from Carbon Neutral, established by Men of the Trees in W.A. The great thing about trees is that wherever they are planted, they are helping reduce carbon on our planet.

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