who is kitka?


I have been self-employed building websites since 1998. Yes, that is very early in website-land!

I do graphic design, project management, content editing, image editing, navigation design and site construction and general maintenance.

I studied fine art, then managed arts organisations – galleries, theatre companies and festivals and then moved across to IT.

Some people wonder why my rates are so competitive. It’s simple – I have low overheads. I work from my home office, and when I need expertise that I can’t provide myself, I call on an excellent network of skilled colleagues who can.

I haven’t built up a large company because I prefer the craftsperson approach. I get a kick out of translating your needs into a website that works and looks good without costing a fortune.

My client-base has grown by word of mouth, so clearly I’m providing something that people want. I work closely with my clients, batting ideas back and forth until we have a result we are all happy with. 

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